ESG Information

UN SDG goals

Active environmental and sustainability work is today absolutely crucial to achieving success in almost all industries, worldwide.

We at Waya want to continue our work to become an impact company = a sustainable company with minimal impact on our climate.

We have chosen to focus on four of the UN's SDG goals

Green Distribution

We must all take responsibility for reducing the climate impact in what we do.

The biggest climate impact within our business comes from all the paper invoices that are sent in Sweden every year. In addition, there is the sending of reminders and demands, as well as emissions in connection with felling forests, the manufacture of paper and other transports in the value chain.

Digitization offers great opportunities to greatly reduce the environmental impact while at the same time making large ledger flows more efficient. We on Waya offers our customers the opportunity to certify their ledger distribution from a sustainability perspective. The certification takes place in a three-step analysis and aims to digitize invoice and claim management. When more than ninety percent of the flow is digitized, you can use our brand Green distribution. Apart from the obvious reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, the risk of sending errors also decreases as you can verify personal and organization numbers in the process. It also provides increased traceability and the process is much faster than handling postal mailings. In short, Green distribution is a climate-smart way to save time and money!