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Nicer, easier and faster invoice and claims management

We did not want to build a system and adapt the customer to our premises. Instead, we wanted to build an engine that can be adapted to the customer's business system. The engine is called Waya and coordinates the entire process from invoice to claim management, payment and accounting in the same flow.
Companies who use Waya can take a step back, focus on the core business and feel secure that the payments are going as they should. Fast, easy and with nice conditions for customers.

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We are passionate about our customers' sustainable and profitable growth. The way there are through: Cost control, automation and an overview of risks in the customer portfolio.

Cost control

Control of the invoice flow for those who handle large invoice volumes
No integration costs, handled directly in your current business system
Overview of each invoice in the flow
Strengthen liquidity by collecting payments for overdue invoices


Minimize the number of errors in the handling of large invoice volumes such as incorrect payments, incorrect invoiced amounts, overdue invoices, etc.
Claims management can be matched against your credit policy
Automation of bookkeeping and ticking off

Overview of risks in the customer portfolio

Overview and analyze the risks in the customer base by seeing where in the flow each customer and invoice is
Fair conditions for claims handling increase the chances of getting paid
Final Notice which means that more people pay before the invoice is processed

IR and company-related matters

Do you have questions about Waya as a company, you are welcome to contact:
Niclas Josefsson, on 070 888 36 25

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Do you have questions about Waya you are welcome to contact us on 010-330 20 88

Waya Finance & Technology was formerly Inkassogram AB.