Customer policy

Waya Finance & Technology AB (Waya) has created a service for simple, reliable and secure invoice and debt collection processing. In order for the service to work as intended, we have a policy where we make an assessment of our customers, before they get access to our services.

Here you can take part in our customer policy.

Waya values ​​a healthy and well-functioning business and entrepreneurial climate. We have therefore chosen to create a service that should be as simple as possible for our users, while at the same time the system should constitute a reliable and secure debt collection process.

In order for our services to function as intended, it is important to Wayas customers use them in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions and Code of Ethics.

This means i.a. that our services are not available to customers who, for various reasons, do not meet the requirements these entail. For this reason, we have on Waya developed a customer assessment routine that establishes the criteria that each customer must meet in order to gain access Wayas services.

In accordance with our policy and Code of Ethics have Waya an obligation to actively prevent improper use of the service in its operations, e.g. for fraudulent purposes, for money laundering, for the financing of terrorism or in any other way that is in conflict with current legislation or that can be perceived as unethical.

Waya has the obligation and responsibility according to law to promptly investigate and to report any suspected case of financial crime or other crime related to the use Waya services, or as Waya through their activities becomes known, if to the police.

We are also prevented by law from notifying you that suspicions exist and that a report has been made or may be made to the police. In cases where there are suspicions of money laundering or terrorist financing, we are obliged to decline the debt collection assignment and resign from assignments received or begun.

The customer assessment routine includes, among other things, collection of and control against the following information and circumstances: (i) Information relating to customers obtained from third parties, such as information from banks and credit institutions, the Swedish Consumer Agency, the Swedish Enforcement Agency, Förenade Bolag, the Consumer Ombudsman, Swedish Trade, industry organizations and various consumer - and customer forums etc. (ii) Customer-specific invoicing routines and invoicing events, such as extraordinary or deviant invoice amounts, crediting of issued invoices, etc. (iii) By Waya complaints received from the customer's invoice receiver (iiii) payments from debtors received from exchange offices and similar businesses and which are deemed to come from cash.

Waya continuously carries out renewed checks of all customers, new as well as existing. It is a prerequisite for the use of our services to meet the criteria according to the customer assessment routine at all times. After obtaining and reviewing, among other things, the above information do Waya an overall assessment of whether the service should be used by the customer. Please note that these data and circumstances are only examples of the criteria on which they are based Wayas decision. The selection of criteria, circumstances and sources is regularly updated to achieve the most effective and accurate assessment possible.

Our customer review policy applies to all users of our services regardless of whether the service used is provided by Waya or any of Wayas cooperation partners, under the collective term Waya (which is provided by Waya), or if the service is provided through our website or otherwise. The privacy policy also includes our related companies.

By law, we must, in certain types of assignments, check the identity of our creditors and any ownership relationships and inform us about the assignment's background and history. We may therefore ask you for, among other things, identity documents relating to you or another person who is involved in the assignment on your behalf.

We may obtain information from external sources to verify the information you provide.

When we provide services VAT-free to a client in another country within the EU's VAT area, i.e. when we are not obliged to charge Swedish value added tax, we are obliged by law to provide the Tax Agency with the creditor's VAT number and the value of the services provided in a periodic summary.

Waya reserves the right, without justification, to refrain from undertaking collection matters from customers and prospective users of Wayas services and to suspend users from the service.