Management and control

The board and its composition

The board consists of four regular members with many years of professional experience from different backgrounds Waya relevant areas. The board thus has solid knowledge and experience in, among other things, banking and financing, entrepreneurship, small and medium-sized business operations, venture capital operations, law, the technology sector, accounting and leadership. The board also fulfills the need for knowledge and insight into the conditions and conditions in the geographic markets there Waya has its main business, i.e. in Sweden. 

The board has also adopted a policy for its competence and composition to ensure, for example, competence development, diversity and time consumption for board work. By continuously working with competence development, the board strives to Waya after always maintaining a good knowledge and insight into how Waya must be controlled.

Anders Engdahl – Chairman of the Board

Former CEO at Intrum.


Erik Kjellberg

Former Head of Group Compliance Operations at Nordea. Will work with our risk & compliance.


Tord Cederlund – Board member

Entrepreneur with real estate and mines. Angel investor.


Erik Wenngren – Board member

VC at Spintop Ventures

Ulf Ohlfeldt – Board member

Ulf has broad experience in credit management and financing. This through i.a. Head of New Sales Sweden at Lowell and Director at Nordea. Ulf works today at Ework as Head of PayExpress.



Wayas management team has extensive experience in the credit industry, entrepreneurship, IT, leadership, accounting and law. A combination of competence and experience that makes Waya is well equipped to challenge the credit industry.

Jörgen Fredman

Jörgen Fredman – CEO & co-founder

The Executive Director i Waya is since July 2020. Jörgen has +15 years of experience in digital strategy and business development and is the owner and responsible for the establishment of the digital agency Ottobon's Gothenburg office.

Niclas Josefsson – Concept sales, co-founder, Principal owner

Niclas has his focus in terms of experience in the finance & IT industry and he has shown the ability to balance risk-taking with business development. 


Simon Stål – CTO & co-founder

Simon has been part of the team responsible for developing the transaction platform and has been active in the group since 2007. 

Operation management

Jan Åström – COO Technology, CIO

Responsible for Wayas R&D department –  Waya tech.

Mikael Kvint – Product manager Collection

Responsible for Wayas Collection product and support team.

Nina Axelsson – Economics

Responsible for Waya finance and administration



Remuneration to senior executives and other employees i Waya regulated in the company's remuneration policy. This has been adopted by the board. The remuneration policy is based on the Financial Supervisory Authority's regulations on remuneration systems, the EBA's guidelines for a sound remuneration policy and the EU's capital adequacy regulations. The remuneration policy is compatible with the company's operations and risk strategy and does not encourage excessive risk-taking.

IR and company-related matters

Do you have questions about Waya as a company you are welcome to contact:

Corporate issues:
Jörgen Fredman, 0708-84 82 00

IR questions:
Niclas Josefsson, 0708-88 36 25