Customer reference - Aspia

Aspia AB is a group of companies consisting of the accounting firms from PWC and KPMG. The companies help companies in various phases with their finances in the form of accounting and advice.

This is what our customer Aspia says about us

In our daily work, we meet a lot of companies to help them with financial issues and facilitate their journey forward. We have chosen to hire Waya for all our invoicing, something we are very grateful for. Their invoice service has saved us valuable time while increasing our customers' liquidity. 

We experience that Waya always stands for simple and fair terms. On the back of Wayas reminders and collection requirements clearly state what exactly must be paid, which makes it easier for the customer. We want to shorten the late payment process as much as possible, something like Wayas final notice letter helps us with. The letter gives customers an extra opportunity to pay, which is both effective and appreciated. That we have outsourced our entire customer ledger to Waya makes us feel secure that our customers pay and that the end customer is satisfied.

Adam Von Köhler – Head of Digital Aspia AB

Do you have questions about Waya360°, you are welcome to contact us at: 010 330 20 88 or via the form below.

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