Financing through invoice purchase

• Sell your invoices and your credit risk – get paid within 24 hours
• Sell your invoices afterwards – Invoice purchase Flex
Nice prices – based on the customer's creditworthiness and payment history

Invoice purchase

With Waya invoice purchase, you can sell all your invoices, transfer the credit risk entirely to someone else and get paid the very next day. You strengthen the liquidity of the company and can invest faster, which increases your chances of being able to make money. Sometimes the only way to be able to undertake large new projects is to ensure ongoing funding. The invoices are handled in your current business system and go through Waya, while our bank partner is responsible for the invoice purchase proceeds. Unique to Waya and our service for purchasing invoices is that we know the relationship between you and the customer, i.e. the payment history going back in time. This means that we offer attractive pricing for your issued invoices. A customer who has paid well historically can be cheaper to sell invoices to even if the credit risk is a little higher. If, on the other hand, the customer has a good credit rating but is bad at managing his payments, this can affect and make it more expensive to sell the invoices. Nice prices, simply put. With the invoice purchase service, you sell all invoices on an ongoing basis and get paid the day after they are issued.

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