A nicer invoice service

Invoicing, check-off and claim management in the same flow
• Our customers get paid on average 17 days faster
• Manage the service directly in your ERP

What is invoice service from Waya

You no longer have to spend time keeping track of payments, reminding customers, searching through the invoices and comparing against the bank account to see which ones have been paid. You can leave everything time-consuming with invoice processing behind. Just create the invoice, we take care of the rest Waya automatically. All the way from sending out the invoice to ticking off, reminders and claim handling. Even accounting is done automatically and you don't even have to change business systems. You don't need to learn any new ways of working, add Waya in your current business system and simplify everyday life immediately. We handle all invoices in the same flow, we call that service PRO. If you want to handle a few customers and their invoicing manually, you can use the FLEX service and tailor your invoice flow.

Fewer manual errors and faster payment

Since the entire invoice flow is managed on autopilot, there are fewer manual errors in the process. If your customers do not pay on time, Inkassogram takes care of claim management with fair terms that make it easy for customers to pay. As an example, we print the original invoice on the back of all reminder and demand letters. We are the only ones to use "Final notice", where we send out a reminder to the debtor and tell them what happens if they don't pay the invoice. A small measure that has proven to make a big difference to our customers' payments.

Come in contact with us an get started with invoice service today!

If you have any questions about invoice services you are welcome to contact us at 101-330 20 88

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