Customer reference - Folkpool

Folkpool is an amalgamation of 13 pool suppliers spread across Sweden. Together, they offer one of the market's largest selections of pools and spas to their customers.

This is what our customer Folkpool says about us


Our business consists of several franchisees, which makes it important to have control over the liquid. We have chosen to synchronize all invoicing and claims handling for the franchisees, therefore have Wayas service CleanUp has been an important part of our daily work.

We, as the parent company of the franchisees, discovered that we previously spent far too much time and focus on administration and getting paid. Searching through invoices and getting everything to match eats up important time from the business. When we now get help from Waya in these areas, we notice that we have significantly better control over our liquidity. The CleanUp service ensures that we get paid for what we are supposed to and speeds up the process. The effort that Wayas services stand for means that we can instead put more effort and energy into sales and other things that drive the company forward.

Jonas Bjurström, Business Development Folkpool AB

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