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Gigger Group AB is a holding company that uses dynamic hiring based on the gig economy. The company finds jobs for its "giggers" and administers and handles salaries for them. Gigger Group AB is listed on Nasdaq First.

This is what our customer Gigger says about us


For a couple of years now, Gigger AB has been successfully collaborating with Waya regarding invoicing and claim management. This allows us to focus on our extreme growth, and our customers can feel secure in getting paid without hassle. A perfect solution for SaaS companies like ours where high automation and scalability are at the center!

In order to be able to help our giggers as much as possible, we need to reduce the costs for this. Our goal is therefore for all administration to be automated in the future. That we have integrated Wayas services in our business system that facilitate administration at low costs are a good way to reach that goal. The flexible process means that we get a faster pace in deliveries and minimize the amount of administration, which means that we can instead direct full focus to our core business.

CEO Gigger Group AB

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