A prettier & simple claim management

Reminder and collection - Fair terms and easy for the customer to pay
Online debt collection - Get help getting paid, easily and digitally
Clean UP - Clean up among overdue unpaid invoices

Reminder and collection

With Wayas service for reminders and debt collection makes it easy for customers to pay their overdue invoices. The companies that use both Wayas invoice service and claims service are paid on average 17 days faster than before. This is due, among other things, to the fact that we make it easier for the debtor to review his late payment and do it right from the start. On all reminders and demand letters we send out, the original invoice is printed on the back. We do not charge more than statutory demand and delay fees, but focus on fair terms for you and your customers.


Online debt collection


Did you know that 30% of small business invoices are paid late! Sometimes it's harder than you think to get paid for your services. Even if you remind your customers several times, there is a risk that payment will not be made. With our online debt collection service, we help you get paid. The service is free to use, easy to manage and gets the job done quickly, easily and with decent terms for your customers. The debt collection services are handled through Inkassogram, which is registered with the Swedish Privacy Agency.

Clean UP

With Waya With CleanUp, you can clean up among old overdue invoices, get paid and boost liquidity. CleanUp is a one-time effort where we help you retrieve a list of overdue invoices from your business system. In the next step, we take care of the distribution, reminders, demand letters and finally collecting the payments. Companies that have used the service have had as much as 90% of their overdue invoices paid within a couple of months. The service costs you nothing but your customer pays for statutory demand and late fees.


This is how you get started with demand services from Waya


Contact us at Waya and say you want to know more about our claims management services


We tell you more about our services such as reminder and debt collection or CleanUp and what it means to outsource the handling of overdue invoices to us.


If you agree to the services, we'll get back to you and help you get started.


The rest is handled automatically and you receive continuous reporting on the situation.

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