Customer reference - Webhallen

The e-commerce company Webhallen has chosen Waya as a new supplier of financial services. The complete cloud service has led to Webhallen, which is one of the Nordics' largest retailers in gaming and technology, being able to strengthen its partial payment offer, give customers a better experience and simplify invoice and claims handling.

Customer reference – Webhallen

Webhallen was founded back in 1999 and is today one of the Nordics' leading retailers in games, films, hardware, gadgets and home electronics. Webhallen has an extensive webshop with 40 articles in technology and gaming. 

This is what our customer Webhallen says about us

Using Wayas solution, we have gained the technical functionality that we previously lacked in the financial functions. The improvement has, among other things, led to us being able to significantly strengthen our offer for partial payment.
Without flexible and efficient installment payment services, the company risks falling behind and losing customers. As a customer, you want clear directives and guidelines, with secure transfers. Then you feel safe and want to come back and buy more.
Wayas solution also gives us more opportunities than before and reduces the risk of customers missing a payment. Functions such as payment with Swish and automatic SMS reminder before an invoice is due make everything easier for our customers
For us as companies have Wayas invoice handling process means that we can invoice much faster than before. Their Portal is also much more user friendly. Among other things, we can see what percentage of the portfolio has not paid and the overview is much simpler.
There are not many competitors that offer a solution like this. We are very satisfied with the cooperation with Waya.

Jesper van Eijk – CFO Webhallen

Do you have questions about Waya360°, you are welcome to contact us at: 010 330 20 88 or via the form below.

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