Faster, easier and nicer invoice- and debt collection management

Our intention has always been to not build a system that forced our customers to adapt to our terms. Instead, our goal was set to build a platform that adapt itself to the customer’s business system.

Waya – a Fintech Company

The solution is called Waya and it coordinates the whole process. From invoice to debt collection management, payment, and accounting – Waya got it all covered. Companies that use Waya are therefore able to focus on the core business without having to worry about the payments being done the correct way. Fast, easy and nice terms for our customers.

Our passion lies in helping our customers to achieve a sustainable and profitable growth. The way we see it, you get there by focusing on three steps: cost control, automation and overviewing potential risks in the customer portfolio. Waya can manage each one of them.

Cost control
Waya helps you controlling the invoice flow when you’re managing larger volumes. There will be no costly IT project, just an integration adaption and the invoices will be managed directly in your current business system. You will also get an overview of each invoice’s location in the flow. Strengthen the company’s liquidity by collecting invoices that went overdue.

The core idea of using an automated system is to minimize easily occurring errors when managing larger invoice volumes. Examples of this is incorrect payments, incorrectly invoiced amounts or simply forgetting reminders. This, and much more is no longer a problem when using Waya.

The debt collection management can easily be matched against your credit needs, which makes the transition smooth. Waya also automates your company’s accounting – helping you save time for other important aspects of your business.

Overviewing potential risks in the customer portfolio
The last step that Waya helps you with is to identify and analyze potential risks in the customer portfolio. By having Waya locating where each customer and invoice is in the flow, you will be much more prepared for situations that could impact your company negatively.

Free up time with Waya
Our terms for invoice and requirements management not only increases your chances to get paid, but to get paid in time. Companies using Waya gets paid an average of 17 days faster than before.

If your aim is to increase the efficiency of your company, don’t hesitate to include Waya in your invoice- and requirements management. Waya was made to fulfill your specific needs which allows you to spend time focusing on the core business instead of dealing with invoices.

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